The Need and Role of Insurance Fraud Private Investigators in Workers Compensation Matters

There is a good reason why the work of insurance fraud private investigators is mostly concerned with the buyers of insurance products as opposed to the insurance companies and the many agents and brokers. It has been observed over the years that the cases of insurance fraud that can be attributed to the consumers amount to a fifth of all the cases. Out of the total reported cases, the providers account for an almost negligible percentage.  Insurance fraud is a bad vice to society. Fraudulent insurance claims cost the American taxpayer large amounts of money every year running into billions. It is rated as second most notorious white collar crime, which is why the investigators are highly skilled and driven to produce results.

Although insurance is meant to restore you to the position that you were in before the loss, some people actually preside over the eventuation of the peril and go on to submit false claims in the hope of benefitting unjustly. Some exaggerate or manufacture a non-existent loss or injury in order to receive compensation from the insurance pool. This is often the case with incidents of workers compensation fraud wherein an employee seeks to benefit from manufacturing or exaggerating the extent of injuries sustained in the course of discharging official duties.

Insurance Fraud Private Investigators

Some of the indications of fraud in progress include:

• The absence of a witness to the injury
• The existence of multiple claims in the past
• Contradictory accounts on how the injuries came into being
• A suspicious delay in seeking medical attention
• The possibility of the injury, having occurred from without the confines of the work premises
• An injury to a disgruntled employee
• Fraudulent or tampered medical documents and/or physician’s reports
• A recent hiring with sketchy work history

Employers are sometimes guilty of fraud through the act of withholding vital information in an effort to sabotage an employee’s claim. In some instances, employers have been known to intimidate their employees curtailing their efforts at receiving compensation for their injuries. The provision of false information by the employer is also a case of fraud.

The ability with which people are able to stage accidents has reached alarming proportions and some professionals, chiefly in the medical profession have been known to connive with employees in crafting these con acts. There are highly experienced California insurance fraud investigators that can help you when you need a reliable service to investigate suspicious claims. After all, California has suffered the most from this vice and the efforts of these investigators have proven invaluable in the fight to stop the flight of investment and jobs.


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