Spotlight on Infidelity Investigators in California

The thought of a cheating spouse is very painful and keeps on lingering despite your best efforts to make it go away naturally, only infidelity investigators can be of any help. Such suspicion sucks away any happiness in a relationship and can eat as a ticking time bomb. A lot of crimes of passion that have made headlines over the years across the world have been fuelled by mere suspicion. Without solid evidence to prove or disprove your suspicion, you will live a very stressful life and this affects your social and professional life.

Infidelity Investigators

What Are Infidelity Investigators?

Infidelity investigators are responsible for establishing whether a spouse is being faithful in a relationship. This is one of the most complex investigations and encompasses a wide range of skill sets which includes surveillance, evidence gathering, and other techniques. The course that the investigations take will largely depend on the investigator that you hire and your specific needs.
The investigator will watch the subject of the investigation using myriad surveillance techniques that ensure that the required evidence is collected and made available to you. This will put your mind to rest by replacing the rumors and suspicion with fact and evidence. The evidence that is gathered in a typical infidelity investigation includes videos which act as irrefutable evidence.

Why Investigate?

Statistics have shown that out of all the wives who suspect that their wives are cheating, a massive 85% of the time they are correct. On the other hand, husbands who suspect that their wives are cheating are correct 50% of the time. It is therefore preferable to rely on fact rather than suspicion and ensure than you do not sacrifice your relationship or family due to a gut feeling.

California Infidelity Investigators

How to Spot a Cheating Spouse

There is a host of signs that can help you spot a cheating spouse and these include suspicious phone habits, changes in intimacy, changes in appearance, changes in work routine, changes in bathing habits, and suspicious usage of the internet, among others.

The Basics

When comparing California infidelity investigators, you must look at their licensing status, whether they are insured or bonded and the presence of relevant experience in handling similar cases. You can also look at the reviews associated with each service provider to establish the right service.


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