Getting It Right with Surveillance Investigators

Surveillance investigators have perhaps the most demanding types of investigative function you can find. Surveillance demands a lot from the investigator and you must always make sure that you get the best or your requirements.  There are a lot of tricks and tips that are quite useful to the surveillance investigator if they are to meet with more success in their exploits. In this article we are going to look at some of the tricks that can help improve the effectiveness of the surveillance.

Surveillance Experts Miami


Before you start looking at your tactics, it is important to look at your tools. If the detective is employing the wrong type, quality, and/or variety of tools. One that I very important is the surveillance vehicle. The investigator is supposed to have surveillance vehicles that are fit for the job. The vehicle is supposed to be forgettable, but it is preferred to have more than 1 vehicle for the purpose. Other tools that are used in the exercise include cameras, binoculars and disguises. The trick is to remain inconspicuous for the duration of the investigation.

Being Organized

An investigator ought to be organized in conducting the surveillance investigation. This covers issues such as a detailed intake sheet which collects as much information as possible from the client. This includes information such as doctor’s appointments and any other established routines. This saves time and helps the investigator hit the ground running. A pre-surveillance check also ensures that the investigative work will be of the highest quality. This gives the investigator an opportunity to see the subject’s environs before rolling out the investigation. This helps verify the address, and spot suitable positions to stake out.

Surveillance Investigators

Planning and Being Professional

The surveillance must also follow a meticulous plan which covers all the bases. The notes scribbled by the detectives must be free of personal opinions and just stick to the facts. It must not contain any discriminatory, inflammatory, or derogatory statements which can taint the findings. It is also important to be able to use the tools of the trade properly. This includes the camera which captures much of the evidence. The investigator must have good camera skills and be able to take good shots even under difficult circumstances.

There are a lot of Surveillance Experts in Miami that can discuss your requirements with you and give you proposals on how they intend to tackle your case. Deal only with licensed service providers who are adequately insured.


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